Lowney Building Affiliates

Youth & Family Enrichment Services




  • Promote early literacy and school readiness.
  • Expand access to culturally appropriate health care and address health and social disparities..
  • Increase opportunities for disadvantaged youth, including youth with disabilities, thus making them competitive beyond their own communities.

  • Foster youth leadership by engaging youth in all aspects of program development and management. .
  • Prevent child abuse and address its root causes by increasing parents understanding of youth development and by improving communication within the family, thereby reducing parental stress..
  • Increase parental awareness about children and adolescent developmental stages and related behavior..
  • Reduce disparities in health and socioeconomic well-being through public-health education.
  • Develop audio-visual materials in Haitian Creole for community health education.
  • Develop cross-cultural programs for youth, including music, arts, theater, and performing arts, as a way to help increase youth expression, improve ethnic youth communication, and promote cultural integration between youth of different heritage.

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